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Marketing Automation is not JUST e-mail sendouts

Posted by Jonaz Kumlander on 28/01/16

Marketing Automation is hot right now and different vendors are working the market hard.

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I would advice customers to be smart and dive into what the supplier is calling Marketing Automation and what the term entails for them. 

In this post I will sort out the functionality you need in a software to get a fullblown Marketing Automation workflow in place. 

EmailMarketing.pngPersonified email workflows

To be able to personify your emails is a part of Marketing Automation that suppliers often refers to as an important function.

Most suppliers actually think that this is enough, and the reason for that is probably because that functionality was key years ago when we started appling Automation to our marketing emails. 

Email workflows is all about us communicating the right stuff via email to a lead, while using different parameters and terms to decide what is "right stuff". 

Based on actions your lead has taken, we will set rules for what coming emails should go out to our lead. 

We are this way (hopefully) helping the leading taking the correct steps in their buyers journey to become a customer. 

Early suppliers of marketing automation focused on email marketing workflows are Pardot(Salesforce now) and Eloqua.

Personalised Call-To-Actions

Call-To-Actions is something we want to put on our website or in our emails to lead our lead (yeah, that got a bit weird) in their buyer's journey. 

A Call-To-Action is the button below this text, telling you that we think you should download our Free Report on what is demanded to get results with your lead generation online! Yeah, I know you want it! :)

Download Free report on How to get results with Lead Generation! 

Call-To-Actions should be adjusted from these data:

  • What buyer persona is the lead?
  • What information has previously been relevant for the lead
  • Where is your lead in their buyer's journey(Visitor, Lead, Ready to Buy, Current Customer)
  • What customer segment is the lead in? (Company size, Industry, What products are relevant?)
  • What device is your lead on?Vilken device använder leadet (laptop, tablet, mobil, och så vidare)
  • What region of the world is your lead currently in?

You need to have the ability to create Call-To-Actions and the ability to adjust these based on the parameters. 

If not, your marketing emails will never hit the correct lead at the correct time. 

Personified landing pages

A landing page is a webpage where the visitor/lead can convert and handover their email and other intel about them to you for something of value - like an whitepaper or a report. 

The ladningpage should be able to personfied based on the same parameters as Call-To-Actions. 

Personified Thank you - pages

A thank you page is the site that the lead lands on after they have given you their email and information for that valueble piece of content. 

Here we will deliver them the whitepaper as promised and we should also put personalised Call-To-Actions to guide them forward on their buyer's journey. 

Personified Webpages

This is a functionality many suppliers don't provide, they are therefor forced and also pretty happy about leaving this to the supplier of your chosen CMS(Content management system). 

With this functionality we are able to ensure that our website changes and adapts depending on who is viewing it. 

Imagine that we are trying to educate a buyer persona (CFO James) regarding how an ERP can help him improve profitability in his compant.

When leads on that buyer persona comes online to our site, we want him to get access to educational material in an attracting way, getting him to convert. 

But, when a visit is a current customer, we want that customer to see information about out customer seminar so that our customer converts and signs up on that, so we can keep him/her engaged.

This gives us the ability to automate our website to pick up only relevant content per each visits that we know anything about and make the experince even more interesting for each visitor. 


Leadscoring is basically how we set up rules to determine how mature the lead is in their buyers journey.

Leadscoring can be complex or simple, but either way, based on a leads behaviour they will get points, that when collected are a base to answer the question: What do we do now?

Have a sales rep call them? Invite them to a webinar? Do nothing?


Let us give you an example: 

  1. Visitor comes in to a blogpost from Google  +10
  2. Visitor clicks a call to action +5
  3. Visitor converts to a lead on a landing page +15
  4. Lead get's an email and clicks a Call-To-Action in that email +10
  5. Lead get's another email and does not open it  -5
  6. Lead is silent(no actions) on our web for a month -10
  7. Lead reads another blogpost +10

The score for this lead is now 35 points, and to be ready to be passed on to a sales rep is 50 points.

This lead is not ready yet. We do nothing, even though the lead is in our marketing automation workflow and will be getting content based on that workflow. 

This entire marketing automation workflow is part of a bigger workflow of how to attract, convert, close and delight our prospects and customers - the Inbound Methodology!

If you want to be the best at genereating leads while giving your customers a really good experience with you online, we would recommend the entire workflow, but this blogpost should get you going in the right direction! :)

Once you have off this in place, make sure the salesteam following up on your leads really do their job by Kickstarting their sales in 2016!


If you are looking to buy a marketing automation solution right now, we hope that we have helped you ask the right questions.

Best, Jonaz Kumlander, Founder

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