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Marketing Agency looking to improve your growth and project margin?

When working in a Marketing Agency, you deliver to clients on a value-bases. To measure success, you can't simply look at hours put in versus estimate. 

You have other KPI's than other professional services companies, since the value is something non-tangible in many cases.

How do you measure the value of brand-knowledge in a project?

How do you measure the value of the marketing the client recieves from winning Guldägget or a Cannes Lion with your agency as their trusted partner?


It's not easy. Today many agencies are lacking the right tools to measure even the basic KPI's that are connected to hours actually put in. Many agencies also lack insight into all the work they put into pitching new clients. 

What if it was time to shed some light on the basic KPI's to start?

If you need a strategic consultant to help you work with your processes to ensure that you recieve full insight into the work of your agency, feel free to:

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The new marketing and sales professional

As the number of software applications is exploding and computing power is accelerating, we will see even more clients move their buying journey online, requiring fewer salespeople for closing each sale.

Gartner, a research organization, predicts that by 2020, 85 percent of interactions between businesses will be executed without human intervention.

It is likely that of the 18 million salespeople in the United States, there will be only about 4 million left.

So how ready are you?

Check out Hubspots blog on the subject!

Sara Larsen is a true sales professional with extensive skills in B2B and managing people.

She is extremely goal oriented and communicates both clear and direct when interacting with customers and people in her working space.

Sara is one of a kind!

Anders Edlund Sales Manager at Pagero

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Is Inbound Marketing the way forward for your company?

Time to grow with Inbound Marketing?

Take a look at this content from Hubspot! 

23 Reasons Inbound Marketing Trumps Outbound Marketing [Infographic]


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Sales and Marketing is changing!

All companies are now aware that there is a shift in Marketing and Sales.

Many are still looking to or have made a digital strategy, like digital is just one piece of a big puzzle. 

I trust this simple truth:

Companies need a strategy in a digital world.

Lets get to work and make sure you are on the road to success!

Read my blog for more innovative content on the shift or feel free to:



Sara has an outstanding ability to combine strategic thinking with a very hands on approach, she makes things happen!

Sara has been a Trusted Advisor to me in my ambition to create an effective sales organization combining online and offline activities. I am very impressed by her in depth knowledge in sales and in online marketing.

Ken Skoog Head of Growth at Wise Group

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